ab:OUT me

In short: an eternal student in a search mode!
Since my childhood I was interested in natural phenomenas, like how everything is working in nature, it's complexity and simplicity and so I started with Geography, followed with Geospatial Technologies studies. All those years of studies in different Universities in different languages woke my curiosity in linguistics as well as how do we think and how do we communicate what we think though not forgetting my geo-focus. Since recent geo-information is almost exceptionally being created just with technologies I drift towards technologies together, learning artificial languages in order to understand the expanding GIS-world from inside as well as outside.
I believe, GIS as a science is nothing new, just the next - the technical paradigm of geography, that opens new patterns, and produces new knowledge (still geo) using new methods, which again is needed to be described (still graphus) even if it's done in different ways.

My blog posts reflect my research focus and somewhat technical skills. 
If you have any questions or would like to discuss or counterargument my statements do not hesitate to contact me.

For further details about me please visit my LinkedIn