May 22, 2011

function of border: to wall in

The issue of borders keep my mind busy, although it's already long time I live in Europe without borders and I still ask if Europe is really without borders?
If we look back, at the time when a border was a synonym to a wall in Europe..
And we can easily do that nowadays, 20 years past. The German National media - Deutsche Welle, has developed a unique project presenting the animated depiction of the former German-German border. Click on the picture to open the video.

It's long and very explicit animated movie showing the virtual reconstruction. The wall (indeed walls with entire space) crossing Berlin were reconstructed, where new buildings are standing and no entire image from the past left. It reconstructs the space from those rare images from archives. Everything, every line, every shape - polygon had to be created in order to represent the former situation in details.
Together with animation a topographical data is used.

Although it is not precised what program are designers working with, but the technology is CAD, that uses the the data types common with GIS: points, lines and polygons. Just by those basic types enormous graphical structures were created and together with hundred thousands of images powerful computers rendered the great resolution animation.

Have a look at the work of creating the animation.

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