how do we think?

Thinking is a continuous process in your unconscious-state that is interacted by your conscious-state I would say. It just happens, hard to follow when it starts, impossible to stop by your will, so at least you try to manage your thoughts in time, space, place, field...

As it is hard to explain the process of thinking even for brain-physiologists, I am not the person able to do that. But no feeling of disability (!). And it is a good example, to explain, what I mean by questioning "how do we think?", as shouldn't it be the question "how do we feel we think?". Do we think good or bad, correct or incorrect? Or it is the feeling about thinking?

Why we often feel we think in a good way?

So, here in this blog "ThinkInGIS" or you can read "ThinkingIS", where I am going to share my own observations: how do I think about Geographic Information Systems/Science/Specialists and other 'S'.

The video above perfectly illustrates my point about the way we are used to think, the stereotypes we form in our head (with a help of your brains of course!) and the way we feel when we think! And in my blog, I would like to question stereotypes of understanding Geographical Phenomena, Geographical Information, Geo-Systems and relative topics.

Please welcome to raise the questions, discuss the information and THINK!