July 23, 2011

Hiroshima mapping project on Google Earth

In memorium Hiroshima atomic bomb blast, during the second world war, Google Earth made a project: gathered facts and is showing them spatially in 3D, sharing with everyone.

It is a really sad story, and the visualization of enormous space affected, with loads of photos of famous people, people notes and talks, pictures of before and after, shows the mass of tragedy. Indeed up to 200,000 deaths are counted due to such bombing.. and it wasn't the only one.

Further you can find the video on youtube that explores the features of Google Earth project.

Or you can directly access all this on your browser, having a google earth plug.
"Hiroshima mapping project". You can selectively visualize just videos, photos, testimonies in english or in japan, even tweets that happened within the time. There are old map overlays available and the area where everything was burned down, as well as the are of black rains.. and so on..

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