September 07, 2011

geo-socializing: telling everyone your location

For the purpose of security, that natural feeling inside us, a human needs to know his location, in a general sense, with a relation to the environment usually. For the same security purpose, kids are always asked to tell where are they going, where will they be, sometimes the adults as well. But it's just within communities.

In today's web world, new virtual communities have a possibility to upraise, merged from the people you know well, you've just met or have never met. 

How much is it important to tell your location for your virtual community? It's not for security, but for what? Meeting new people, showing yourself or just playing with virtual power? There is some reason, as more then every tenth smartphone user likes to announce his location!
A Pew Internet Project report released today represents at least a modest victory for Foursquare and similar services, finding that 12 percent of smartphone users are checking in via location-based apps. (
The project report called such phenomena geo-social.
It would be interesting to find some research done or to do one on what role plays that geo-socializing?

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