May 16, 2011

GIS and education

There are many topics under the title of this post that I will talk about later. Let's firstly look at GIS in Education and GIS Education that encompasses education with GIS as well as education about GIS.

GIS in education. How important geo-information systems are in primary/secondary/universal education? Does everyone need to know GIS? When GIS can/shall be used in education?

There is a blog of ESRI education community talking about some of those questions. They give great lessons to start with teaching children, explaining the concepts in easy way. All it's about how to use GIS for the education, for better explanations, for giving better examples.

GIS education. Where to study GIS? Well, uou can find many programs all over the world just by 'googling'. Some of them clearly listed in GIS education blog.
After we know so many places to choose from for our GIS studies, how to choose one. How do the education of GIS differs in between?

Professor of Geography in Texas A&M University Daniel Z. Sui some time ago proposed a new basement for GIS education in University. Based on Berry's Geographical Matrix (created for the systematization of spatial information) he claims to be two different aspects in GIS education: teaching about GIS and teaching with GIS.

Both aspects of GIS teaching are important and accompanying each other. Usually GIS programs are specializing in one or another aspect to prepare better specialists in optimal time and there are not so many that would cover all the possible curves of GIS science.

Sui, Daniel Z.(1995) 'A Pedagogic Framework to Link GIS to the Intellectual Core of Geography', Journal of Geography, 94: 6, 578 — 591

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