June 22, 2011

geography sens through journalist eyes

Geography, several decades ago, was giving the sense that although the world was changing, it was doing so in a slow, orderly, even picturesque.
But now, Geography is "no longer a neutral subject," writes Robert Butler in his latest Going Green column. Climate change has made it "the new history", both more dynamic and more frightening ...
Quoting intelligent life from  "the Economist"

A good article, from journalist view probably.
But it's enough to look at the technological growth and it clearly explains the new development waves in many sciences, as well in geography,the new small discoveries and the boom of information, especially geo-information public available. And since for non-technical people technologies look a bit frightening, the subject may become so as well.
Indeed, it's future, that we are facing and we shouldn't be aware of it neither frightened.

The world was and is always changing, it doesn't matter we close our eyes or open them.

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