June 08, 2011

qoute: time to be a geographer!

Not since the days of Columbus has it been a better time to be a geographer. To state it simply, geography is popular, dare say, even hip. More than 51.3 million people have used web mapping services in the US alone (as of 2005) (Wired, 2005); over 200 million people have downloaded Google Earth (Google Press Center, 2007); over one million maps have been created with Microsoft collections (Helft, 2007); over 40 000 maps have been created with the website Platial (Helft, 2007);...
Sean P Gorman
School of Public Policy, George Mason University.

From the comment on response of the other comment in Environment and Planing journal.
Is academia missing the boat for the GeoWeb revolution?

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