November 16, 2011

media socialization with crowdsourcing and GIS

The idea of media transforming socially and spatially is flowing around for the past decade already. In 2001 great GIS scientists M. Goodchild and D. Sui has published a short remark titled "GIS as media?" on International Journal of GIS. Over-viewing the latest developments in GIS then, authors have felt the need for fresh conceptualizations for what GIS actually is and will become in the near future. Observing growing relationship between GIS and society authors had proposed that new concept: GIS as new media.

Some time before I was scribbling in my post about media and geography, how journalists 'found' geography. But it was just a quote from Economist, not knowing about this concept existing between scientists. So, let's have look further.

GIS for Everyone from Transmap

About crowd-sourcing for journalism I have heard a couple of years ago, when well-know Lithuanian web newspaper was inviting everyone to send any kind of publicly interesting news captured by their cameras. Recently with a similar idea the Paul Lewis talk on Crowdsourcing the news was published on TEDtalks. But still - nothing geospatial.

The concept of GI in journalism I found this year from the marketeers of GeoCommons. You can find it in their blog: GeoCommons as a data Journalism Tool, as they explain how newspapers can enhance their stories with no extra expenses - journalists can make maps themselves on GeoCommons as it's so easy to use and produce such a a fascinating result. Indeed, I wouldn't be able to deny this!

While googling around I got to know that ESRI is also supporting this concept, having a separate section presenting GIS as a tool for journalism. But this section marketing is not that widely done, I would guess.
And coulds state that appart from GeoCommons I haven't heard this concept so widely discussed.

Nevertheless, this week a new article by the same GI scientists that introduced media with GIS concept was published on International Journal of GIS: "The convergence of GIS and social media: challenges for GIScience". The article isn't available online unluckily. I find it an interesting concept as media is about communication and "GIS-related activities serve this final purpose—to communicate" (Goodchild and Sui, 2001).

What else will the developing GI technologies bring to journalism?

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