February 12, 2013

Wikipedia lets the geo-tagging in

Once I was already writing about geo-socializing as telling your location for everyone, for a reason of creating like virtual community out of internet users with similar interests. Anyways I still would believe that "Man is by nature a social animal" as Aristotel stated.

But maybe it isn't just that anymore? Maybe now we really are approaching or comming into a cyborg stage? Forget the interests, connect to new broadband and catch the feeling of being important an known! Tell the whole world about yourself. 

Now one can do that even through a WIKI!
Have you ever wondered if there are Wikipedia articles about things near you? Well, wonder no more! Today, we present the GeoData extension for MediaWiki, which now provides a structured way to store geo-coordinates for articles, as well as an API to make queries around this information (wiki blog).
 Yes, it is experimental, and it's mostly just for seeing near-by articles. But would such aim remain in this open sphere? I wonder how will this function emerge or 'mutate'  when people will start playing with coordinates and geo-tagging in this Encyclopedia.

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